Research Achievements

  1. Development of pedal operated coconut dehusker cum cutter

Pedal operated coconut dehusker cum cutter is used for removing upper layer of coconut, exocarp and cutting inner layer, endocarp. For dehusking blades are given which is used to remove the husk and for cutting MS steel blade is given which is used to brake the inner shell. 50-60 seconds are required for shelling one coconut and dehusking efficiency of the machine is 75%. The shelling and cutting capacity of machine is 42-45 nut/hr and 72-85 nut/hr. The cost of machine is Rs.1650

Name of Project guide-A.V. Rangbhal (Asst. Proff. FMPE)

  1. Development of manually operated maize Sheller

Hand operated maize sheller is made up of locally available material. The sheller is used to shell the maize by simple mechanism. The maize is place on the sheller blade and pressure is applied on it with the help of pressing unit and the maize grain separated from cob and it is collected at the bottom and cob is automatically falls below the sheller blade. 8-10 seconds are required for shelling one corn. The dehusking efficiency was 90-95%.

 Cost of machine- Rs 500

Name of Project guide –V.G. Kothalkar (Asst. Proff. FMPE)


  1. Preparation of ice-cream using custard apple pulp

Custard apple ice-cream is ready to eat, convenient and expensive food product containing digestive and dietary principle of vital importance. In this experiment incorporated blended mixture and fresh cream with custard apple pulp in a proportion of  0ml (T0), 100ml (T1), 200m l(T2) and 300ml (T3) with constant sugar , milk and other additives and studied for its sensory evaluation. The ice-cream was prepared successfully like commercial product .

Name of Project Guide- M.A. Dahiwale (Asst. Proff. PFE)


  1. Development of dual purpose cook-stove

The improved cook-stove is a dual purpose instrument which is used for cooking as well as water heating. For being energy- efficient, chulha is provided with insulation of sand and small stones. For water heating purpose, a copper coil is provided at inner side of burning zone of chulha. This water heater can be used for domestic purpose such as cooking and bathing etc.

Cost of machine- Rs. 350

Special Achievements

  • Awarded first prize for poster presentation on Development of Multipurpose Pedal operated coconut sheller cum cutter in National Conference on Advances in Agriculture and Allied Science-4th Oct 2018, Aditya College Beed.

             Name of Students:-1.Mr.V.D.Chaudhari

  1. Mr.L.P.Warke
  2. Mr.V.B.Kadu

                              Name of Project guide- A.V. Rangbhal (Asst. Proff. FMPE)

  • Techno-fest 2018 was organized on the occasion of Engineers Day. The Program was inaugurated by honorable president Shri.Krishnarao Ingle and vice-president Shri Haribhau Ingle .During the program poster presentation competition was held for 26 technology those were  presented by students of CAET ,Jalgaon (Jamod).
  • Best poster presentation award was achieved by Ms. P. G. Tipre Assistant Prof., PFE International conference on Global Research Initiatives for Sustainable Agriculture and Allied Sciences, Jaipur on 30th 2018.Similarly Ms. S. J. Chavhan Asst. Prof. IDE and Mr.A. V. Rangbhal Asst. Prof. FMPE of CAET has also participated in above International Conference.