Incharge For Different Activities For This Academic Year 2018-19

Sr. No. Name of Staff Responsibility
1 Shri. R.L. Gawande Principal
2 Ms. S.J. Chavan O/I Cultural Activity, Youth Festival & I/O Educational Tour
3 Shri. R.H. Dhait Programme officer ,NSS
4 Ms. V.G. Kothalkar  , I/O Examination
5 Mr.A.V.Rangbhal Member of Educational Tour
6 Ms. P.S. Kute Member of Core Committee, Co –Parchesing Officer
7 Shri. R.S. Rajput O/I Training  & Placement  ,
8 Ms. N.D. Patil Co- Incharge Training  & Placement,
9 Ms. M.A. Dahiwale Members, Training & Placement,                               .
10 Ms.P.G.Tipre Member Ladies Harrashment Cell, Educational Tour
11 Mr.R.G.Tayade Member of  Educational Tour & Cultural Committee
12 Shri. V.R. Wankhade O/I ,Education Branch, O/I Admission Cell  & O/I Exam Wing.
13 Shri. D.V. Dhokane Hostel Rector, O/I  Competitive Forum
14 Shri. S.N. Joshi Member of Souvenir Committee,

Member of Admission Cell

15 Shri. M.V. Band I/O   – Scholarship ,Member of Admission Cell   & NSS