Course Allotment

The course wise teaching distribution of 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters is tabulated for respective staff members for 1st term of academic year, 2019-20 .

Sr.No Name of Deptt. Course Alloted
1 Ms.V.G.Kothalkar FMPE-112(N), FMPE-234(N), CAF-FMP-473(0)
2 Mr.H. D. Nahate FMP-359(0), CAF-FMP-478(0), CAF-APE-474(0), FMPE-235 (N)
3 Ms.P.S.Kute SWCE-232(N),SWCE-355(0), CAF-SWCE-472(0)
4 Mr.R.S.Rajput SWCE-233(N), CAF-SWCE-476(0),GAE-474(0)
5 Ms.M.A.Dahiwale PFE-111(N),APE-355(0), APE-356(0)
6 Ms.P.G.Tipre PFE-233(N),APE-357(0), CAF-APE-476(0)
7 Ms.S.J.Chavan IDE-354(0),CAF-IDE-471(0), CAF-FS-471(0)
8 Mr.R.H.Dhait IDE-231(N),IDE-353(0), CAF-IDE-474(0)
9 Ms.N.D. Patil REE-111(N), GAE-473(0), CAF-EOES-472(0)
10 Mr.R.G.Tayade FS-111(N), FS-233(N), FS-354(0)
11 Mr.M.S.Sindhikar (Guest lecturer) FS-353(0)
12 Mr.V.R.Wankhade BS-PHY-111(N)
13 Mr.D.V.Dhokane BS.MATH-111(N), BS-MATH-233(N),MATH-111(N) Agril., MATH-111(0) Agril.
14 Mr.S.N.Joshi BS.COMP-111(N), COMP-231(N) Agril.
15 Mr.M.V.Band FMPE-111(N)
16 Mr.S.K.Bairagi AS.ECON-231(N)
17 Ms.N.S.Sadashiv AS.SS-111(N)
18 Mr.J.R.Sali AS.EXTN-111(N)
19 Guest DEG-111(N)

The Course wise teaching distribution of 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semesters is tabulated against respective staff members for 2nd term of academic year, 2019-2020          

Sr. No. Name and Department Courses Allotted
1 Ms. S.J. Chavan IDE-366, IDE-242(O)
2 Shri. D. B. Tayade IDE-242,  IDE-365, NSS-121
3 Ms. V.G. Kothalkar FMPE-123 FMP-123(O), FMP-124(O) ,FMP-3610
4 Shri V.J. Hage FMPE-246,FMPE-247,FMP-247(O),FMP-248(O)  FMP-3611
5 Ms. P.P.Lad    ,APE-121(O),PFE-244,APE-244(O) ,APE-368 GAE-241@
6 Ms.N.A. Pachpor PFE-122, APE-243(O),ENGG-364(Agri.)
7 Ms. P.S. Kute SWCE-244,SWCE-244 (O) SWCE-121(O/N)
8 Shri. R.S. Rajput ENGG-121(O/N)(Agri.),  SWCE-366, GAE-485
9 Ms. N.D. Patil  REE-122, REE-243 EOES-244(O) , EOES-365
10 Shri R.G. Tayade FS-122,FS-121(O),  FS-244 ,                 FS-242(O),FS-365
11 Shri V.R. Wankhade EOES-122 (O), BS-PHY-242
12 Shri D.V. Dhokane BS-MATH-122, BS-MATH-124(O)
13 Shri S.N. Joshi BS.COMP-122, BS-CT-125(O),HIT-121(Horti)
      14 Dr.A.A. Umale AS.AGRO-121
      15 Shri J.R. Sali AG-366
      16 Shri I.K. Mastan AS-STAT-121
      17 Shri. J.R. Wadalkar PHEY-121
      18 Guest AS.HORT-121
      19 Guest AG-245(O)
      Academic Staff of SVGI College of Agril. , Jalgaon Jamod